Friday, October 10, 2008

Logar's Diary - Book 2: Parlainth - The Forgotten City

Logar's Diary
Book 2: Parlainth - The Forgotten City
Metal Fortress Entertainment

Here’s a very impressive package from Logar’s Diary. Because of the spoken-word introduction and grandiose instrumentation contained on “Book 2: Parlainth - The Forgotten City,” some may compare this group to Rhapsody, but really, there’s no comparison. Logar’s Diary sounds much different, incorporating folk melodies and the types of sounds that make you feel like you’re in the middle of a village of lore, whether bellied up at the bar of “The Restless Troll” for a stout pint or preparing for a demon onslaught as in “The Spells.”

The performances here are quite wonderful and the thought behind such a project is highly impressive. As the fantasy-themed story weaves through the record, you’ll notice that every effort has been made to make each nuance of this record believable as a tale of lore. “Casket Of The Last Resident” is mighty and majestic, a definite showcase of the commanding vocal presence of singer Hagen Hirschmann. His approach is regal without seeming snobbish. He shuns unnecessary acrobatics in favor of bold, tuneful singing. You’ll find a very honest approach in his confident delivery that lends much credibility to the entire project.

Logar’s Diary is the type of group that will find appeal with fans of everything from Ania to Korpiklanni. Well-spun threads such as “Dark Destiny Of Parlainth” deliver power metal with a medieval twist, and the excellent keyboard performances of Michael Kwandt bring an array of sounds such as flutes and strings that perfectly embellish the group’s approach. Moments like the mighty chanting on “Séance – Rebirth,” will convince the most jaded of listeners that Logar’s Diary is a compelling in their delivery.

Christoph Uhl and Steven Schubert are an exceptional guitar duo. Their technique is highly noteworthy throughout the record and most importantly, they play what’s appropriate for each song. You’ll find no walking over the more symphonic parts, but when these two are summoned to duty, they heed the call with honor. Uhl is a masterful lead guitarist, his soaring melodies bringing the might of a well-honed broadsword to the band’s music. Look to “Bearer Of Light” for a lightening assault that brings the sounds of the old world into the modern day. Vocally, Hirschmann is stunning here and the snappy, rapid pace of the song gives the entire affair a further depth that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Easily one of the top releases of its kind thus far this year, “Book 2: Parlainth - The Forgotten City” brings the tales of warriors and wizards to life in a way that very few bands can. For fans of this style, this one is mandatory.